Evangelist Department
(Chairpersons: Missionary Ethel McGaw and Missionary Elaine Young)

  • Missionary Circle
  • Missionary Helpers
  • Bible Band

Educational Department
(Chairpersons: Sister Peggy Mayfield, Deacon Timothy Travis, and Sister Valerie Bankhead)

  • Sunday School
  • YPWW
  • Sunshine Band

The Right Hand Department
(Chairpersons: Deacon Jeffery Woods, Missionary Louise Shavers, and Sister Roberta Hodges)

  • Pastor’s Aide
  • Usher Board

The Openhanded Department
(Chairpersons: Sister Rose Langston and Mother Mary Calhoun)

  • Hospitality
  • Wide Awake

Music Department
(Minister of Music: Sister China Stephens)
(Assistant Minister of Music & Teacher: Elder William Kenneth Dean)
(Assistant Teacher: Brother Percy Stephens)

Business & Professional Women’s Federation
(President: Sister Elnora Patton)

Outreach Ministry
(Coordinator: Elder Theodies Flournoy)

Men’s Fellowship
(Coordinator: Elder William Kenneth Dean

Youth Ministry
(Coordinator: Elder William Kenneth Dean)

Basketball Camp
(Coordinator: Deacon Timothy Travis)